Adelynne Chao

Untold Insights Ltd, Untold Insights Ltd

Adelynne is the founder of Untold Insights, established in 2019. Her firm stands at the intersection of consultancy and innovation, serving giants like Oracle, Intuit, and Standard Chartered with pioneering strategies.

In 2023, Untold Insights introduced SegmentAI, an AI-driven tool currently in closed beta, which has garnered attention from Business Insider for its novel approach to insights activation. This tool is clear evidence of Adelynne's commitment to leveraging technology for customer-led product development.

Her journey to success showcases her resilience and leadership. Moving to the UK at age 11, she completed schooling and secured a place at a top UK university. Without a vast network or affluent background, she exemplified determination and hard work, founding her company at the age of 30 just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. This timing tested her resilience, leading her to navigate through economic uncertainty and build a reputable client roster from the ground up. Her entirely self-funded business underscores her entrepreneurial spirit.

Adelynne actively contributes to the empowerment of women in her field. She mentors a female employee, illustrating her dedication to fostering talent and supporting women's growth in the industry. She also extends her influence through her active LinkedIn network, providing guidance and thought leadership on topics ranging from customer insight and AI to personal growth and development. Her posts not only share her journey as a female founder but also serve as a valuable resource for others seeking inspiration navigating their careers and businesses.

Adelynne's commitment to supporting women extends into her professional work as well. Untold has previously offered advisory services at discounted rates to a women's health-tech start-up, providing them with invaluable guidance on applying the Jobs to Be Done framework to their marketing strategy. In this regard, she has shown a commitment to contributing positively to sectors that have a profound impact on women's lives.

Untold's application of the Jobs to Be Done framework has revolutionised client projects, delivering commercial outcomes and strategic visions that resonate with customer needs. Their work with SegmentAI, integrating AI to enhance ideation and strategy, has been praised by clients, including a notable quote from a US-based leading FinTech about the process yielding "incredible, high-quality results."

Adelynne's influence extends beyond her entrepreneurial achievements. She recently led a talk at the TBD conference on the power of AI personas (in February 2024) to highlight her pioneering work integrating AI with customer-led strategies. This talk, acclaimed by attendees and highlighted as a 'must-watch' in a LinkedIn post, showcases her ability to captivate and educate industry professionals on cutting-edge topics.