By Entering

The prestigious award will not only be yours, but you will also receive the following:

Featured Article on the Management Today's website

With over 40,000 monthly views from CEOs, C-suite executives, and senior business managers.

Winners Promotional Day 

Held at a London location, including promotional photoshoot.

We encourage our audience to use low emission means of transport to travel to the event.

Networking Opportunities 

Connect with the other 35 Women Under 35 winners and judging panel.

Why Enter?

Look no further for 3 reasons why you should enter

Celebrate Your Success

Take the time to celebrate and acknowledge your hard work, dedication, and achievements. 

It's an opportunity to celebrate with colleagues, friends, and family who have supported you on your journey, and to acknowledge the collective effort and collaboration that contributed to your success.

Create A Legacy

Leave a lasting impact on your industry and pave the way for future generations of leaders.

Establishes your place in history as a trailblazer or innovator, inspiring future generations of professionals to follow in your footsteps and continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Supportive Community

Participating in awards allows you to connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for excellence and innovation. 

You can exchange ideas, best practices, experiences and fostering collaboration.