Charlotte Stavrou

Founder & CEO , SevenSix Agency

Charlotte Stavrou is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur and the founder of SevenSix Agency. Charlotte Stavrou (née Williams) is the Founder & CEO of SevenSix Agency and co-host of BBC Radio 4 podcast, All Consuming. She's the go-to person for brands looking for advice on how to make their marketing strategies more inclusive. Charlotte regularly speaks for and works with platforms such as Meta and YouTube, and participates in roundtables and panels with industry bodies such as ISBA and Advertising Association. In addition to her consultancy work, Charlotte offers Inclusive Marketing and Influencer Marketing training to brands and agencies. For the past four years, she has been helping creators understand their value. Together with her team, Charlotte has created the first-ever influencer pricing reports that have highlighted the Influencer Racial Pay Gap. Her yearly pricing reports have helped set an industry pricing standard. Charlotte Stavrou is a respected and influential leader in the marketing industry who is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion.