Eleanor Morgan

Marketing Manager, Captain Morgan

"Eleanor (Elle) is the Marketing Manager of Captain Morgan in GB, leading a high-performing team that has pushed the brand to not only the forefront of the GB rum category, but likewise as a cultural icon.

 Elle was previously Senior Brand Manager for Captain Morgan, and in the two years before her promotion in May 2023 she played a pivotal role in driving the brand's total market growth. Elle has been credited for transforming Captain Morgan’s comms strategy, delivering the strongest return on investment and media performance the brand has seen, as well as making a significant step in changing its cultural positioning. She was likewise instrumental in driving Captain Morgan’s innovation agenda with Captain Morgan Tiki (Number 1 flavoured rum in GB) Black Spiced, Captain Morgan Alcohol free as well as rebuilding Captain Morgan’s experiential strategy. 

 Under Elle’s leadership, not only has Captain Morgan become a powerhouse number one rum brand in GB, she has also driven the brand to be more culturally relevant by ensuring it stays at the forefront of digital and cultural trends. Elle's key ambitions to accomplishing this was ensuring her team is diverse to represent the diverse consumers that love the brand, and staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving marketing landscape. Her team is committed to finding innovative ways for brands to connect with audiences through groundbreaking work.

 Some of Captain Morgan’s key cultural moments under Elle include the launch of ‘Captain’s House Party’, an unscripted comedy series hosted on YouTube hosted by Nella Rose and Yung Filly, exploding Captain Morgans influencer marketing strategy, Captain Morgans sponsorship of the NFL London games and making moderation Captain Morgans superpower with the launch of “Why you whying”, normalizing moderation within culture.

 As well as her work at Diageo and with Captain Morgan, Elle is passionate about coaching and mentoring the next generation of marketers, with her goal to make sure that diversity is represented not just on billboards but in boardrooms too. As well as coaching mentees within Diageo, this also extends externally with Elle being a partner of The Brixton Finishing school and Psalt mentoring programme helping to train and develop talent from underrepresented groups. Through her mentorship Elle strives to equip young marketers from all backgrounds with the tools and confidence to navigate their careers and discover their full potential. 

 Elle is a leader that not only ensures her team delivers great work but also that fun is very much at the heart of everything the brand does. She has externally discussed her philosophy of leadership, encouraging people to “not be afraid to be different or think differently”, as having people with a diverse range of experiences can help to bring a new perspective to the table. She also encourages people to “be passionate” as only by being truly passionate and taking pride"