Francesca Everson

Head of Strategic Planning, VCCP Health

Frankie joined VCCP Health as Head of Strategic Planning in April 2022, having previously led the Strategy department for BBH Health. She is one of the youngest Heads of Strategy in the Healthcare Advertising industry, and one of a minority of female leaders in a traditionally male-dominated domain. 


 In a high-pressure environment, requiring her to be hands-on with the day-to-day work as well as leading and managing the team, Frankie has made a tremendous impact in terms of delivering business results. At BBH Health, she helped grow the business from a team of 8 people to a 40-strong, multi-million pound agency; and in the year since she joined VCCP Health, she has led the new business drive to deliver 6 pitch wins within as many months, three of which are major global healthcare brands. She has also made significant contributions to the industry as a whole, delivering thought-leadership across industry press and judging the Effie Awards - which reward effectiveness in advertising - for three consecutive years. 


 Whilst navigating her role as Head of Strategy, Frankie was also dealt the devastating news - at the age of 31 - that she had a form of Ovarian cancer. Enduring multiple surgeries, an emergency round of IVF to preserve embryos, and ultimately losing both of her ovaries, she experienced first-hand what it was to navigate the complexities of Women’s Health in an astonishingly under-resourced Health system. Rather than allowing this experience to consume her, she used it to further fuel her passion for making a difference through healthcare marketing, seeking out opportunities to do more in Women’s Health, and ultimately leading a pitch win for the launch of a global Endometriosis brand.


 She has since continued to grow and shape her department, and has taken a leading role in redefining the agency's ‘Challenger’ positioning, relaunching this internally to inspire the team and set a vision for the future which is focused on creating health brands which can genuinely transform healthcare. Inspired by this passion, she has also been instrumental in delivering an industry-leading creative campaign for Teva, raising awareness of the vital role of unpaid caregiving. This has received multiple accolades across industry press, including AdForum, Campaign, Muse by Clio and FiercePharma. 


 Through her openness and honesty, she has become a role model for women on her team and beyond. She shares her story, determined to break down the "last taboos" of menopause, fertility and IVF, and encourages other women to advocate for themselves. Now 8-months pregnant through IVF, Frankie’s journey is a testament to her resilience and tenacity, and an inspiration to others that even in the darkest of moments, there is hope.