Frederica Kitchen

Commercial Director, Luminance

"Frederica Kitchen is a Commercial Director at Luminance, a world-leading AI platform for lawyers. Having started her career as a trainee solicitor, Frederica experienced first-hand the challenges facing lawyers today. As a result, she developed a profound interest in legal innovation and finding a means of modernising traditional working habits in order to manage lawyers’ growing workloads. This led her to join Luminance back in 2019. 

 Since then, she has quickly progressed from a sales rep to a sales manager, to her current role as a Commercial Director. Her impressively fast-paced progression within the company is a result of her consistent hard work which translates to extremely strong sales success rates. Whilst at Luminance, Frederica has worked with some of the world’s largest law firms and organisations, with some of her key responsibilities including fostering commercial relationships with customers, optimising Luminance’s business strategy and managing her own sales team of 16 reps.

 Frederica has been responsible for closing some of Luminance’s largest deals in company history, such as LG, now one of Luminance’s highest value partnerships. Despite them being on the verge of signing with a competitor, Frederica was able to secure a last-minute pivot by showcasing Luminance’s new generative AI features and highlighting how they add value. Her balance of personal touch and executive involvement created a valuable customer relationship, and LG have since become a referral partner, heavily contributing to Luminance’s expansion. Indeed, Luminance’s clients have noted Frederica’s exceptional customer service. Boston Consulting Group reported that Frederica provided the “best white glove service they’ve seen from a vendor”. 

 Frederica recently introduced the initiative ‘Talks and Walks’, involving monthly mentorship walks which focus on understanding her team members’ goals and helping them to achieve these. The positive impact of Frederica’s mentorship is reflected by the resultant progression of her team. Under her supervision, several of Frederica’s mentees have been promoted to Senior Account Executives, and even a Commercial Director. An Account Executive in her team also transitioned from being on a performance improvement plan to becoming the team’s best performing salesperson and receiving a promotion within nine months of being put on the plan, thanks to Frederica’s help.

Frederica has led the Women at Luminance breakfast series, which provides a supportive space for female team members to share their experiences and expertise, discuss their ambitions, learn from one another, and forge new connections. She also spearheaded Luminance’s Women in Law dinner seminar series, offering the chance for women within the industry to meet and network, whilst also creating new routes to potential customers for the business.

 Overall, Frederica has significantly improved Luminance’s business strategy and processes. Her contributions, including outstanding commercial success, spearheading internal initiatives, and offering dedicated mentorship opportunities, have produced tangible results, in terms of sales metrics, team cohesion, and management structure."