Freha Arshad

Managing Director - Accenture Security , Accenture

Freha leads Accenture Security’s Health & Public Service Practice in the UK&I . She has extensive experience of working with clients in a range of domains from the public sector to financial services. Freha’s an avid advocate for sharing her experiences with the next generation of cyber professionals. As a minority working in the domain of cyber security in the public sector, Freha is not only smashing stereotypes but is paving the way for the next generation of talent. Freha co-founded the Women in Cyber Group in Accenture: which has significantly increased Accenture’s gender balance in cyber-security. She also co-founded a similar group with Scotland-IS to achieve similar aims in the broader Scottish Market.

I would be keen to examine candidates that are breaking down barriers across a numbers of areas such as but not limited to social mobility or race. I am keen to explore candidates whose focus is on innovation; which is targeting some of society’s most pressing issues; this could be related to areas such as climate change or the levelling up agenda. Candidates should also be able to demonstrate how they themselves being a role model is inspiring and naturing the next generation of talent.