Jessica Gardiner

Founder and Managing Director, The Assistant Room

" Her entrepreneurial journey is marked by the establishment and transformation of The Assistant Room (TAR). Recognising a market gap in 2016, she single-handedly has developed TAR from a modest platform to a multifaceted global consultancy business, showcasing exceptional vision and business acumen that has seen her become a well respected trailblazer for the business support industry.

 As a former EA, Jess intimately understands the challenges faced by PAs and EAs around the world. Her creation of TAR addresses a significant need in the industry, offering tailored solutions for ongoing professional growth and development with a focus on diversity and sustainability. Since 2016 TAR has expanded to include a digital magazine, podcast, and a unique professional membership platform highlighting her ability to diversify services. This platform provides accessibility, affordability, and flexibility, truly setting it apart in the industry and demonstrating her commitment to innovation offering members tailored learning resources, access to top trainers, a concierge desk, a global networking forum, and events in collaboration with major brands, providing a holistic and unprecedented experience.

 Having built successful partnerships with major brands and businesses including Jo Malone, The Dorchester Collection, Legal and General, Softbank, L’Oreal, and Intuit showcase Jess’s ability to build strategic alliances, adding credibility and value to TAR. This is reflected in the significant year-on-year increase corporate partnerships with businesses who have introduced the TAR membership as the first ever resource to support their assistants and also in revenue, from £36,811.30 in 2020 to £190,399.29 in 2022, demonstrating her effective leadership and the business's sustained success. This operational and financial growth is a testament to her strategic decision-making and execution.

 With projected growth of the team to 5 full-time employees by the end of 2024, along with a projected turnover of over £1.8 million, this shows Jess’s capacity to scale the business and further solidifies her position as an influential figure in the industry. Her mission is to continue to assist businesses with impact with the corporate market spanning reduced staff turnover and a happier and more successful workforce focusing not only on their professional growth but their mental and psychical health too. 

In addition to the various resources available to assistants Jess has also added an exclusive and confidential headhunting service catering to UHNWs, celebrities, and members of royal families, showcasing her ability to attract and connect top talent. Her exceptional ambition and drive to continuously innovate and drive excellence within a predominantly female industry stands out. Her creation of an in-depth and inspirational platform has a transformative impact on individuals worldwide on a daily basis and she is a true leader to many businesses around the world.

In summary, Jess’s entrepreneurial success, industry impact, diversification of services, strategic partnerships, financial growth, team expansion, and commitment to innovation make her a highly influential and worthy candidate for Management Today's 35 Women Under 35 list."