Kathryn Hyde

Founder, Concept Communications

Kathryn Hyde's journey from adversity to accomplishment serves as a powerful testament to her commitment to empowering economic mobility. Growing up as a neurodivergent woman in a single-parent household on an ex-council estate, she intimately understands the hurdles that hinder progress and leave potential untapped.

Motivated by her own experiences, Kathryn has emerged as an advocate for upskilling and personal development throughout her corporate career.

Her path embodies resilience, determination, and an unwavering dedication to excellence. Despite facing numerous challenges, Kathryn defied the odds by establishing her own successful marketing agency amidst the turbulence of the 2020 global pandemic, witnessing remarkable growth with profits doubling annually since its inception. This achievement not only highlighted her entrepreneurial prowess but also showcased her ability to thrive under pressure.

In 2023, she secured a pivotal contract with Staffordshire County Council for the "Get Started and Grow Programme," providing invaluable coaching to 30 new entrepreneurs. Kathryn's commitment to inclusivity and diversity saw 21 of the supported businesses being led by women, individuals with disabilities, neurodiverse individuals, and those navigating parenthood alongside entrepreneurship. By empowering under-represented groups, she not only drives business growth but also fosters a more equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Her coaching programs, which are bespoke to every individual, democratise digital marketing techniques, enabling entrepreneurs to effectively compete in the digital sphere with strategies tailored to enhance SEO and social media engagement.

The scheme's success led to additional funding during the pilot phase and has since been extended for a further four years.

Moreover, Kathryn's pursuit of knowledge is evident in her MBA with distinction, attained while navigating the demands of entrepreneurship. Her solid foundation in tried and tested business concepts, combined with her creativity and innovative mindset, enables her to push the boundaries of conventional thinking. This unique blend facilitates the development of ground-breaking ideas that drive tangible results in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Looking ahead, Kathryn remains steadfast in her mission to inspire and equip the next generation of entrepreneurs and marketers with the skills, resources, and mindset needed to thrive. She aims to extend support to more public bodies across the nation, furthering her impact on economic mobility.

Sophie Carroll, Business and Enterprises Programme Officer for Staffordshire County Council, provided glowing feedback on Kathryn’s management of the scheme, echoing the overwhelmingly positive response from the business owners who benefitted from it.

"Kathryn is a true professional, we have been blown away with the level of support and knowledge she has shared with our small businesses. From the level of feedback we receive from businesses its clear to see that Kathryn understands the needs of others and how she is best placed to help them. Each level of support has been bespoke and tailored to each business which is not as easy task with start ups. Kathryn is a fantastic example of a small Staffordshire business that’s helping others to grow, while being a brilliant role model to other female business owners."