Lara Pedley

Global Managing Director, ISC Group

"Throughout her work with ISC Group, Lara has seen the impact of acknowledgment and how this helps to progress an individual’s career. ISC Group have been shortlisted and won awards with particular focus on their efforts in the Diversity and Inclusion mission. 

 The National Insurance Awards have shortlisted ISC Group for both their ESG Award and their Diversity and Inclusion Award. The ceremony is yet to commence, however, Lara has been fundamental in ISC Group’s success in these shortlistings

 Towards the end of last year, ISC Group won the Diversity and Inclusion Excellence Bronze Award at the Insurance Times Awards 2022. This award focused on the way that ISC Group has promoted the requirement of a Diversity and Inclusion policy within the Insurance industry. Lara was given an outstanding recommendation from a colleague in the US and created and gave a presentation for the second round which led to ISC Group’s success. 

 ISC Group has also been shortlisted for the Business Champion Awards which highlights the successes ISC Group has achieved within the Diversity and Inclusion mission. Lara has also presented the second phase of the awards to a panel of judges and hopes to win the Diversity and Inclusion award in March this year. 

 Lara has also received a high honour by Insurance Business UK. This award information has been embargoed until early March, however, the award is incredibly prestigious and highly acknowledged throughout the Business award world."