Maria-Elianna Constantinou

Creative director, Krantz Designs Ltd

"Maria Constantinou began working for Krantz Designs - a renowned manufacturer and installer of bespoke, luxury kitchens – almost 8 years ago. After finishing her architecture degree at Northumbria University, she applied for a role as a Junior Designer in 2016. Since then, she has worked her way through the ranks to Designer, Senior Designer, Senior Design Manager, Partner, and now Creative Director. This swift progression is a testament to her incredible design skills and the immense pride she takes in her work.

 I began working with Maria in 2020, and to describe her as an ‘influential’ woman would be an understatement. In a professional capacity, Maria is one of the leading interior designers in her field, with her and her team having won national and international awards for the projects they have worked on. She’s a pioneer in kitchen design, and many companies and competitors look to her work as a model for what excellence in design should look like. The reputation she has made for herself in the interior design industry is truly miraculous for someone of such a young age.

 She is also influential on a personal level, and her love for her work is evident in every project. Everything we do at Krantz Designs revolves around two core missions: to create stunning, handcrafted kitchens and interiors, and to provide an exemplary customer service experience for each client. All of our designers are trained to ensure that they do all they can to improve our clients’ lives, and Maria sets the standard for our approach. The rapport she builds with clients underscores everything, and she works closely with them to create and manage the installation of truly groundbreaking designs that are tailored entirely to their personal use.

 Krantz Designs has reached several significant milestones since Maria became a Partner in 2020. Over the past 5 years, she has led the team – alongside Managing Director Jamie Krantz - to achieve international recognition, new heights in revenue, and incredible innovations in design. The company is projecting a turnover of £5,500,000 for the next financial year, and this figure can largely be attributed by our foray into international markets – spearheaded by Maria – which has opened up additional revenue streams. As our team has grown and our marketing strategies have evolved, we have been able to take on more work. We have also diversified our offerings to include not only kitchens, but also bespoke cabinetry solutions for other parts of the home. 2024 will see the opening of our new workshop, and we plan to open a London Showroom in 2025."