Natalia Greene

Management Consultant, Vulnerabilities & Online Safety​, PA Consulting

"Natalia has spent over ten years working in the UK and internationally to tackle critical public safety issues including – most recently – the rising incidence of online harm disproportionately impacting children, amongst other vulnerable groups. 

 Natalia gained work experience in a digital start-up while studying at university, and used her Spanish to help build the company’s profile in LATAM. She moved on from this position when the Metropolitan Police announced their first ever graduate scheme, excited by the prospect of serving communities in the city of London where she grew up. Two years of frontline experience provided unique insight into policing challenges, at which point Natalia moved into management consulting for the promise of a strategic entry point to tackle these issues, working to some of the UK’s top policing leaders. 

 At PA Consulting Natalia has been involved in, and led, many key strategic transformation programmes that have shaped UK policing through the past decade. She has worked with government departments, police forces and national law enforcement and security entities to catalyse efforts to ‘catch up and keep up’ with the evolving, increasingly digital nature of crime and harm. Natalia is unique in having played an especially key role in responding to the growing threat of child sexual exploitation and abuse online. Since 2018 she has been instrumental in strengthening PA’s longstanding partnership with WeProtect Global Alliance, a charity that seeks to galvanize multi-sector international commitment to prevent child exploitation online. Natalia led the development of the Alliance’s flagship policy document, the Global Threat Assessment, in 2021 and 2023. She also helped WeProtect establish itself as an independent entity, by authoring the plan that was used to transition the organisation out of the UK Home Office. 

 Using her expertise in online child exploitation as a spring-board, Natalia has in recent years graduated to the status of a recognised subject matter expert on online harm, and online safety. In 2023 she oversaw two research projects for Ireland’s newly appointed Online Safety Commissioner, to inform the approach to regulating some of the world’s largest platforms headquartered in Ireland. Natalia has been interviewed by the Internet Watch Foundation for her expert views on the UK’s Online Safety Act. In February 2024 she delivered a webinar on incoming EU and UK online safety legislation. Natalia now leads the bulk of PA’s work to tackle online harm and make a success of internet regulation, working with public and private sector clients in the UK and abroad. 

 Natalia’s work exemplifies PA’s commitment to building a positive human future. She is a role model for colleagues and, as she approaches ten years with PA, is being supported and coached as part of the firm’s female leaders cohort. A passion for inclusion and diversity has been a common thread through her career, more pronounced through Natalia’s transition into parenthood, which has made her acutely aware of the importance of equity in the workplace."