Olivia Blairman

Director of Client Services, Coolr

"Olivia's trajectory at Coolr is nothing short of remarkable. From joining as an Account Manager in 2019, she has ascended to the role of Director of Client Services in just 4 years, leaving an indelible mark on the company and the social media marketing industry. Her influence and leadership have played a pivotal role in driving the success of Coolr and advancing crucial conversations around social strategies, inclusivity, and talent development.

 Since starting at Coolr, Olivia has embodied exceptional leadership, spearheading campaigns that garnered acclaim across Consumer, Tech, and FMCG sectors. Her unwavering dedication and vision has been instrumental in expanding the Coolr team from 10 members to an impressive 100+, solidifying her impact on the agency's growth.

 Olivia's role in the leadership team overseeing 20+ clients speaks volumes about her ability to navigate the intricacies of client services. She goes beyond conventional roles by actively contributing to social strategies, ensuring clients not only meet but exceed their brand objectives. Olivia's commitment to excellence has resulted in award-winning work that has set industry benchmarks. Olivia also launched the social media for the charity Follicular Lymphoma Foundation, a pro bono client at Coolr.

 Olivia has not confined her influence to the boardroom; she has become a respected voice in the industry. Participating in multiple panel discussions, from the dynamics of TikTok to navigating the evolving influencer economy, Olivia consistently shares her insights. Most notably, she has championed the cause of inspiring inclusion for women in social, further solidifying her commitment to positive change within the industry. Beyond her day-to-day responsibilities, Olivia is deeply passionate about providing opportunities within the industry. She has pioneered initiatives such as ‘Coolrversity’ a program designed to bring students into Coolr to learn about the agency. 

 Olivia's journey at Coolr is a testament to her exceptional skills, strategic thinking, and commitment to industry advancement. Her influence extends beyond the professional realm, as she actively contributes to thought leadership, inclusivity, and talent development. Olivia is not just a leader at Coolr; she is a trailblazer shaping the future of the industry. "