Peppa Wise

VP of Go-To-Market UK, Multiverse

"Peppa is a testament to drive, ambition, and resilience. In the span of just four years, she has risen through the ranks at Multiverse. She joined as an Account Executive, progressed to Regional Director, Area Vice President and now is the Vice President of GTM at Multiverse, and is successfully leading a team of approximately 100 individuals. 

 Peppa Wise is a tremendous role model and advocate for women in the tech sales industry. She actively nurtures a culture of success for all women at Multiverse, demonstrated in her sales leadership team being 65% female - an impressive number in an often male-dominated field. What makes this remarkable is that 100% of these women were promoted internally, owing significantly to Peppa's proactive coaching and her commitment to identifying and developing high potential female talent. 

 Perhaps the most astounding aspect of Peppa's exceptional journey is her ability to excel in her personal and professional life. She is a wonderful mother to her 18-month-old daughter with another baby on the way in May 2024! Her ability to balance her remarkable career alongside motherhood is an inspiration to other women. And by offering support and flexibility to women navigating the challenges of pregnancy or returning from maternity leave in her team, she encourages a supportive, understanding work environment that acknowledges the challenges and triumphs of working mothers and parents."