Sian Rodway

Chief Operating Officer, MDRx

Sian is an accomplished COO at MDRx, responsible for cofounding and growing an emerging technology business that is changing the face of consulting. Throughout her career as an executive leader, consultant and coach she has led innovation for both public and private sector organisations, recognised by the UK National Security Advisor.

Sian has designed MDRx to promote team performance, diversity, and inclusivity. With a company gender ratio of 54:46, Sian has created an environment that fosters gender balance and provides equal opportunities for career progression. Additionally, Sian has introduced measures such as quarterly pay benchmarking, regular performance reviews, and equal and transparent banding across leadership, ensuring there is no gender pay gap at the executive level. Creating technology career pathways at MDRx demonstrates Sian's dedication to building a consultancy that supports and values its employees, and more broadly an equitable tech sector.

Sian leads MDRx's partnership with Code First Girls, a Social Enterprise that offers free coding courses to women and non-binary individuals in the UK. By partnering with Code First Girls, Sian has helped to provide opportunities for women to learn coding skills and enter the tech industry. This partnership contributes to increasing the representation of women in technology by connecting newly trained female developers with companies, including MDRx, for employment opportunities.

Through the partnership with Code First Girls, Sian has facilitated the hiring of junior female engineers who have recently graduated from the program. These engineers have joined MDRx and are already making a significant impact on the team. By actively hiring and providing opportunities to junior female engineers, Sian is fostering an environment that supports the career growth and success of women in technology.

Sian's dedication to supporting women in technology extends beyond her role at MDRx. Sian contributes to public resources for women in tech, for example, the Women of Web3 podcast. Sian has been interviewed for one of the podcast episodes, where she dives deeper into the world of Web3, makes sense of the jargon and acronyms, and inspires more women to participate and thrive in this technology landscape. This partnership further solidifies Sian’s commitment to championing women in tech and advocates for diversity within the tech space.

Sian also worked to establish Women in Defence and continues to work as a coach with women and LGBTQ networks to enable others to unlock their potential. Additionally, Sian's role as a Founding Partner of the network TechiHer underscores her ongoing efforts to close the gender gap in tech and empower women to excel in the industry.