Sophia Wyatt

Co-Founder, co-CEO, Library of Things

"Sophia is a true social innovator, she kickstarted a global social movement with Library of Things, & then pioneered an alternative governance & award-winning company culture to grow it with integrity. From creating a mission-lock stronger than B Corps, to leading a team with autonomy, sociocracy & joy baked into the culture. She regularly speaks publicly on the potential of the circular economy & on using design thinking to tackle society’s knottiest challenges. She's committed to designing better futures for people & planet: becoming a RSA fellow, advising peer startups & mentoring circular economy non-profits.

 We co-founded Library of Things to prevent as many unnecessary purchases as possible: 880m electrical items sit in our homes unused; 100,000+ tonnes of e-waste is created every year. 

 Collectively, our members have saved themselves £4.5million+ by renting & each LoT neighbourhood already reuses 14 tonnes of items every year. That impact scales as we scale. 

 Sophia lead the creation of the mission, design of the proposition, & the development of the service & digital product. Our latest iteration in 2019 increased adoption by 5900% over 2 years, achieving a consistent 4.9+/5 user review score since launch, despite the pandemic."