Terri Lecheva

Partner, TritonExec.com

"Terri is an exceptional individual who exemplifies leadership, innovation, and dedication in her field, with a true passion for empowering females. 

 Terri is a dedicated diversity activist within the executive search industry, advocating for change and progress in driving diversity agendas for leading global organisations. She has pioneered the development of interviewing tools aimed at eliminating bias from executive recruitment processes, ensuring fairness and equality from the onset. She actively pursues a call for action with her clients to ensure the interview process is led with diversity, ensuring metrics are measured and met when interviewing. She is also on a mission to share the stories of the senior executives she works with, through her podcast channel, to help empower the future generation of female leaders. 

 Terri has played a pivotal role in shaping and evolving our company culture, particularly as one of the few female voices in a predominantly male-led organisation. She champions diversity and inclusivity, advocating for change and actively supporting her female colleagues, especially on significant policy matters such as maternity leave. Terri's advocacy and leadership have fostered a more supportive and inclusive environment on a global scale. 

 Terri's remarkable achievements extend beyond her role as the sole female revenue generating Partner in our organisation. Not only does she excel in driving business performance and contributing to company growth, but she has also spearheaded a global sales program to support all employees. Terri's leadership in this initiative underscores her commitment to empowering her colleagues and fostering a culture of collaboration and success.

 Terri's commitment to nurturing talent is evident in her proactive efforts to support the professional development of junior female staff. She organises internal events to cultivate a supportive culture and actively encourages her team members to expand their networks and participate in networking events. Under Terri's leadership, the two other females in her team have experienced significant growth and development, a testament to her mentorship and guidance.

 Terri's impact exceeds organisational boundaries as she actively mentors our internal female sales team and provides guidance to women in the wider recruitment industry through her involvement in the 'Women in Recruitment' group. Her dedication to supporting and empowering women highlights her leadership qualities and her commitment to advancing gender diversity in the workplace. She is an active mentor to females both within TritonExec and for other females outside of our organisation."