2024 Judging Panel

Hear From Our Judges

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  • What advice would you give to candidates to maximise their chances of impressing the judging panel?

Phoebe WatersBe authentic. Clearly demonstrate your leadership as a female in business. Believe in your power.

Marianne FernandezI encourage you to enjoy this opportunity to celebrate how far you’ve come and submit a variety of material / media that you feel represents your journey so far. Send us something you will be happy to re-read yourself when you retire, as a faithful representation of who you are now, what you have done and where you are heading.

I guarantee it will bring a smile in future because, for many, you will find yourself looking back on a career you’ve thoroughly enjoyed but never imagined, and this award process was hopefully a helpful step along the way.

  • What aspect of a candidate's entry resonates with you the most, and why?

Cynthia FortlageEntries that celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion resonate most with me. I'm particularly inspired by candidates who are committed to fostering diverse teams and creating inclusive environments.

Sarah-Jane RumfordI get excited by creativity and innovation. I’ll be looking for entries that make me feel inspired and wish I’d thought of it first!

  • What advice would you give to entrants looking to make their submission stand out among a competitive pool of candidates?

Phoebe WatersReally be able to put into words the value that you bring to the people around you.

Khaleelah JonesThink of your entry as a case study - show me the impact that they've had within your organisation and quantify the effects of your contributions.

Rachael SansomShowing a creative or different approach to any problem or environment demonstrating innovation and entrepreneurialism

  • In your opinion, what sets apart a standout entry from the rest?

Rachael SandomShowing a creative or different approach to any problem or environment demonstrating innovation and entrepreneurialism

Lemon FullerSomeone who has pushed the boundaries of what is expected and someone who has overcome a lot of challenges.

Sarah-Jane RumfordWinning entries will likely include those who believe in themselves; who have a purpose and remain true to it, which excites and inspires those around them; but also those who remain open to learning and growing from anyone within their business.